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Start trading in 3 simple steps​

1. Online Application

⚆ Fill out the online form
⚆ Upload identity documents
(ID card, bank, address proof)

2. Download the trading system

⚆ Download MT4
⚆ From Apply Store/Google Play

3. Deposit funds

⚆ Via bank transfer
⚆ Send the deposit slip to customer service cs@maxonline.com

MT4 Bullion Tradings

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Gold Trend 25/03

Gold Trend 25/03

Following the Fed meeting, gold reached a new all-time high of 2222 last week. However, it failed to stay above 2200 and retraced quickly below the previous high of 2195 within 24 hours. This Friday is a US holiday, but the inflation data(PCE price index) will still be released. Make sure you pay close attention to market volatility at the late Friday session and the early Monday Asian session, and exercise caution in managing risks. 1-hr chart - The price broke through the S-T resistance(1) las

11:39 am - March 18, 2024
12:24 pm - March 11, 2024
5:27 pm - March 04, 2024
11:56 am - February 26, 2024
7:55 am - February 19, 2024
6:16 am - February 12, 2024

Start bullion trading in a few simple steps.

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MT4 Bullion Tradings

Reliable fast execution at low cost.